Rip Grip – 5 Pack. FREE SHIPPING!

This pack is for the man or woman who know what they want. Oh yea! 5 brand new fresh Rip Grips. We strongly suggest applying them to your Driver, 3 wedges, and your putter – or all of your favorite Tennis rackets, Baseball Bats, or Fishing.

Let’s be real – the only golf clubs you like to hit anyway are your driver and wedges and then you have to putt. This will get you started into the world of Rip Grips with a bang. But, then again, is 5 enough? Its good, but its kind of like a 5 pack of abs or a 5 pack of beers, its just missing something. That being said, you can take care of that next time, enjoy your new grips!

Rip Grip 5 Pack Starter set includes 5 individual Rip Grip packages. Each Rip Grip package includes a free poker chip ball marker, 1 Rip Grip, and 1 finishing sticker.

Rip Grips work great not JUST on Golf Clubs, they are PERFECT FOR Tennis, Racquetball, & Badminton Rackets, Baseball, Softball, & Cricket Bats, Hockey, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Hurling, & Jai Lai Sticks, Fishing Poles, Archery Bows, & any equipment you need to GRIP IT LIKE A PRO!


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