Rip Grips – 3 Pack Starter Set. FREE SHIPPING!

Are you the person who spends 45 min slowly easing into a pool to “get used to it”? Do you like those mini 10oz beers so they “don’t get hot too fast”?

Then the Rip Grip Starter set is for you! Luckily after knowing the feel of a fresh Rip Grip applied to your favorite piece of steel, racket, bat, or fishing pole you are going to graduate from all of these half measures and jump into adult world of 10 and 14 packs!!!

Rip Grip 3 Pack Starter set includes 3 individual Rip Grip packages. Each Rip Grip package includes a free poker chip ball marker, 1 Rip Grip, and 1 finishing sticker.

Rip Grips work great not JUST on Golf Clubs, they are PERFECT FOR Tennis, Racquetball, & Badminton Rackets, Baseball, Softball, & Cricket Bats, Hockey, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Hurling, & Jai Lai Sticks, Fishing Poles, Archery Bows, & any equipment you need to GRIP IT LIKE A PRO!


Use code "AMBFS" for free shipping at checkout!

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